Monday, December 31, 2012

To "-er" is Human in 2011

So, here we are-anticipating the arrival of spring, just as we were all anticipating the arrival of the new year just a few months remember-when we each were vowing to make major life-changes and drop old habits by the simple declaration of a resolution.

Well, not everyone made resolutions because there are many conflicting ideas as to whether are not they are beneficial. I've pondered the remarks from those who are either too "cool" to resolve to do anything differently,or those who don't believe in setting oneself up to fail, against those who believe anything is possible if it begins with a goal.

I have resolved to do many things and failed and I've set no goals and succeeded (in the fulfillment of nothing) and really,I ask you- which is worse?

So this year, I compromised. In my human-ness, I decided to "-er".

Here was my plan:

I did not resolve to become a healthy eater and fitness nut because I knew by day two, sometimes as early as day one, I would cheat, fall short, fail or give up ...but I did resolve to become healthi-ER than I have been in the past ...THAT was possible-foreseeable-doable- attainable.

I may not be able to have a perfect temperament in every situation, but I resolved to be kind-ER and gentl-ER, in 2011.

I knew that most likely I wouldn't sign up for some extra college courses this year, but I look forward to becoming smart-ER about the things I know little of including things that don't necessarily hold my interest presently.

I might not make the best decisions in each situation, but in 2011, I resolved to be wis-ER about the choices I make regarding my time, my energy, my money and my actions.

I am a goal setter, but I prefer setting realistic goals that build upon each other in order to place myself in full view of the prize. And it is obvious that those goals must begin with a plan as well as a concentrated effort on my part. So, I resolved to become bett-ER about planning and following through with my good intentions.

And how is that going, you ask? Well, a less-ER woman would get defensive when that question is asked, but I will say, I am a bett-ER woman for even making the attempt to move forward when it would be much easier just to sit back, relax and stay just the same.

So, as I enter this new spring season, full of hope and wonder, I lift my fruit smoothie to the sky and offer a toast: "Here's to the rest of 2011- may it be filled with "-ers" that will make your former human self green with envy!"


Shark Bait said...

I like this idea. I am never a fan of resolutions, because I find New Year a very arbitrary concept, and if something is worth resolving, there is no reason to wait.

But I like the striving concept here. I like it well-er than other resolution ideas.


sherri said...

Sharky- you are a bett-ER fish than most--here's to your striving to beome more "-er" than ever! :)

gwenelle said...

Found this article via your tweet. I really like your method of aiming to do bett-ER instead of setting an exact, unattainable goal. Actually, I liked your post so much that I mentioned it on my own blog - with appropriate attribution, of course :)

sherri said...

Thank you, gwenelle- I'll have to check it out!

classic • casual • home said...

Oh boy...guess I need to think about this and the Christmas decorations aren't even down yet.
Mary Ann

floyd said...

I'm just hoping not to be any dumb-ER! Great post, very clever. I read your post about your son after my last one and feel like maybe I should consider being less of a whin-er. This blog is a real winn-er! (this is so fun I could do this all day, or long-er!)

fit4thabo said...

I like setting goals which are BIG and yet achievable and so am on board with your policy. Funny thing is I have never been into New Years Resolutions primarily for the reasons you mention and I had a breakthrough last week that had me make one resolution, which I wrote my Blog about. I can now add your suggestion and have two resolutions which will work for me, keeping things fun and inspiring.

Jo@Mylestones said...

Great perspective (as always), Sherri. My "resolution" (as counter-intuitive as this sounds) is to let go a bit, be less of a control freak, stay still long enough to live life vs. charging ahead trying to rush the next stage. Not sure how to add an "er" to that. But you get the idea!

sherri said...

JO- I think you are resolving to become wis-ER as well :)

Fit4thabo- I'll go check your ideas as well.

Floyd- thank you. You are a Winn-ER, not a whiner in my book!:)
Enjoy your new "-er" lingo.

Jim H said...

Like Jo, I'm trying to let go a bit, so last week on my vacation I left the laptop at home and took a break from "most" of the internet. My "-er" this year will be healthi-er. I have a daily goal, but it may take me a while to get there, and that is ok - thanks for the inspiration, Sherri!

sherri said...

Jim- Here's to a healthi-ER 2011!

susie @newdaynewlesson said...

I resolve to be instead of try to be or plan.

BTW-you need some kind of plugin for subscribing to comments.