Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Oh, How the Mighty Have Fallen....and Survived!

US Olympic gymnast, Gabby Douglas fell during her beam routine last night. Not only she did not receive the coveted Gold Medal spot (as she has enjoyed recently), she didn't earn any medal in this category.

Only days before, she finished  first in the all-around competition (the most-coveted achievement by Olympic gymnasts), as she led her US teammates to capture the gold medal.

 After her fall, she quickly hopped back on the narrow beam (which I'm sure  suddenly seemed more narrow than usual) and finished her routine and cheered  on her teammate  who was awarded the bronze medal.

Such is life.  One day we're on top, the next day we may stumble and someone quickly takes our place in the spotlight.  In no way does this prove we weren't good enough or  well-prepared, it simply means that we are human- and "perfection" or success in any area is the goal, not always the reality.

 Do you see the muscles in her thighs? Those muscles didn't come from quitting when she fell...that strong definition of muscle tone came from the countless hours and many times she  hopped back on the beam  and continued her discipline regardless if she landed on top or on the floor.

 Here's to all of us in our attempt to succeed in our lives- falling on the floor doesn't mean it's over, it means we now have a different view--perspective from the floor is also very valuable.

Learn the lessons from the floor and the beam routine will become stellar!

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Katybeth said...

Great point about the different perspective from the floor...and the fact is the gold medal isn't what makes her a winner...