Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's Ok...look back--just don't drive in reverse!

If your are reading this, you have survived 2011, making it into yet another new year here on planet earth. Go ahead and look back- it's OK. It's even OK to take some souvenirs from 2011 and carry them with you into 2012. Not the heavy things like bitterness, fear and unforgiveness, but those lighter things like joyful moments and even hard moments where lessons were learned. Those lessons fit nicely into your backpack, never weigh you down, and remain there for easy retrieval- trust me---you're gonna need them sometime during the upcoming year.

2011 mistakes can miraculously turn into great wisdom in 2012, so don't throw it all out the window. Go ahead, start packing your bags for the 2012 journey- just be very selective about which items you bring along. Fill your backpack with lessons learned, wonderful memories and moments--leave the bitterness and forgiveness on the floor. Better yet, take it away- far away from your soul--lay it down-at the feet of Jesus. He will properly dispose of it--and no toxic waste will destroy you.

Here's an easy way to begin the year--look back over 2011 and decide what things to lay down- of which things do you need to let go? Which memories and lessons should you take with you into 2012?

You can do this thing! Go ahead and check that review mirror when you are about to make a turn--just for safety's sake-- but never drive in reverse. It takes takes twice as much energy and you'll get nowhere fast!

Welcome 2012. Here I am with my bags packed full of blessings, and hard lessons learned and wonderful memories. I'll be getting into this bag from time to time because it is full of things I will need,but I will try to keep it as light as possible, and refuse to allow those heavy ugly things inside so I will not be weighed down --I've got mountains to climb and I hear the view from the top is spectacular!

Looking forward to the view.

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Al Sefati said...

I think driving reverse isn't bad either...sometimes you just need to go through a bounch of bad relationships until you realize the one you had was the best one but you were not smart enough to know it.

Don't drive reverse but you can U turn :)