Saturday, June 15, 2013

To My Father

I wrote a poem to my Father to try to articulate just how powerful the example he set for me was in regards to the relationship I now have with my Heavenly Father. I've shared it before, but am sharing it again in hopes that a Father will read it and be inspired to be such an example.

My relationship with God the Father was strengthened by the example you set

I know Him as my provider, as you have never failed to meet any need that was within your power to grant.

I know Him to be forgiving as you chose to look beyond my faults and give me another chance...and another one...and another.

I know Him to be all powerful as you have shown me how even you will  try to move heaven and earth to fix any problem that would cause me harm.

I know of His wisdom, because you have enlightened me through His written word so I could understand what is best for me.

I know Him to be patient as you have tried to teach me the same things over and over, sometimes years of trying until I finally "got it"!

I know of His compassion as I watched you reach out to the lowest of the low,and to those who were down and out and "undeserving".

I know of His joy as you have passed along your wonderful sense of humor to me.

I know Him as my protector as I have always felt safe knowing that you are around and that NOTHING will ever come between the two of us.

I know of His peace because you have always been a refuge for me when I'm in need- I can always run and hide in your strong arms.

I feel the love of God in ways many may never know, not only because you have continually pointed me toward Him, but by your example as a Father here on earth. I know Him as One who takes pride in His creation who enjoys my company. I can feel His delight in me, and I know I am  treasured--not because of who I am, but because of whose I am.

I am a unique creation of the Most High God. Valued highly and I am not replaceable.

Thank you, Dad, for giving me

 this priceless gift.

Happy Father's Day!

I love you.


Jim H said...

Beautiful, Sherri - simply beautiful

katdish said...

This is so great, Sherri.

I love my dad, but he hasn't always been a shining example of a dad. You are so blessed.

Happy Father's Day Sherri's dad!

You too, Big Al!

candytroutman said...

Beautifully said, Sherri. What a loving tribute. I didn't have a real father until I was 14. It's so good to think about the qualities of "father". Something that is almost disdained these days. Bless you for blessing us.

Amrita said...

Thanks for sharing, blessings Amrita

Sherri Murphy said...

Thank you, Amrita.

Anonymous said...
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